YANG, Bong-suk
Born in Osan, Gyeonggi Province, Yang graduated from the College of Education in Kongju National University with a degree in commercial education. From 2004 to 2010, he served as the Administrator ofthe Association for Self-Sufficiency Centers inKorea,theSecretaryofGeneral andHeadoftheCentralHomeNursingTrainingCenter,whichinchargeofSeoul, Gyeonggi, andIncheonbranchesofthe centers entrustedin5areas inKoreaby theMinistryofHealthandWelfare, andthe headof social serviceprojects oftheAssociationforSelf-SufficiencyCenters inKorea. From2006to2008,heparticipated as an advisorin designing long-term care insurance for senior citizens and relevant policies and as a researcherfor developing an educationaltextbook for care workers atthe Ministry of Health and Welfare. At around the same time period, he actively took part in the executing body of the long-term care solidarity formed by some 30 civil society groups including the Korean Federation of Trade Unions, social insurance union, and the Health Right Network and engaged in opportunities to form ties with health and medical movement agencies and patron for patients with serious diseases such as the Health RightNetwork. From 2010 to 2013, he assumed the position as the head of a patient welfare centerthat supports patients with serious diseases such as cancer and rare diseases, a member ofthe steering committee atthe Health Right Network, Director of People’s Health Institute, and a consultant for evaluation index of long-term care agencies at the NationalHealth InsuranceService. From2013to2016,whileworking as a consultant and a boardmember of Maeul, a corporation consigned by Seoul Community Support Center, and an executive director of Community Research Cooperative, heundertookvarious research,trainingandconsultingrelatedtoSeoul communityandsocialeconomy.Currently,heis the headofthe social economy implementationinstitute cooperative,theheadoftheparticipatoryhealthpromotioncenter of Dandelion SocialCoop for MedicalCare andWelfare, and the ethics committee member oftheKoreanNursesAssociation. Regarding publications, he wrote a book titled ‘Theory and Practice of Korean Community Care.”