Park, Won-soon
Mayor of Seoul
PARK, Won-soon was elected as the mayor of Seoul, capital city of Korea, in 2011. He was re-elected in 2014 and 2018, becoming the first Seoul mayor to serve 3 consecutive terms. In his current post, Mayor Park heads the Seoul Metropolitan Government with leadership based on communication and innovation. In the past, as a human rights lawyer, he stood at the very center of democracy and human rights movement in Korea, and as a civic activist, he was at the forefront of the civic movement in Korea. With the founding of a charitable foundation, he spread the values of sharing and serving, and led social reforms by establishing a private think tank. Also known as a social designer, he was dedicated to improving old social norms and institutions. Mayor Park was recognized internationally for his contribution through such activities and received the Magsaysay Award, which is known as the Nobel Peace Prize of Asia, in 2006. As the first civic activist to become a Seoul Mayor, he continues to uphold the slogan “citizens are the mayor” through governance and innovation. Mayor Park is committed to opening a new chapter into the future together with the citizens. Furthermore, with a focus on the importance of cooperation between cities beyond national borders, Mayor Park has assumed various leadership roles in international organizations including ICLEI, the world’s largest network for local governments in the climate change and environment sector, WeGo, an organization of cities that promotes e-government, GSEF, an organization of cities and private organizations that seeks resolutions to urban problems, and CITYNET, an organization of local governments in Asia and Pacific region, to address the common challenges faced by cities around the world.