Kim, So-young
Head of Seongdaegol Energy Conversion Village
My hometown Buan in North Jeolla Province suffered a serious regional conflict due to the issue of radioactive waste facility in 2003. Then, following the nuclear accident in Fukushima, Japan, in 2011, I became aware of the excessive energy consumption in large cities and began to take part in energy transition movements. My hometown experience and the Fukushima accident were two critical incidents that made me take interest in the energy issue. I studied computer engineering in university and first joined a local movement in 2009. From small group activities and community movements, I became more engrossed in environment. I officially became involved in the local community movement by taking part in the construction project of a small library. The energy transition movement in Seongdaegol progressed more actively after being stimulated by the policy of Seoul City to eliminate one nuclear power plant in 2012. The project took off after Seongdaegol was selected as the pilot region for an energy independent village. Afterwards, Maouldotsalim Cooperative was established and the energy supermarket opened. In connection of local schools, Guksabong Middle School Social Cooperative was created and more recently, Seongdaegol Energy Cooperative was established to initiate energy intermediation with Seongdae traditional market. I dream of Seongdaegol Village going beyond energy transition to instigating a change in diverse areas with organizations and activists in the community, and becoming a Seongdaegol Transformational Village.