Jeon, Seong-hwan
Representative of Asan Innovation Forum
Born in Busan, Jeon is well-known for his leadership of innovation and communication in the civil society based on his experiences in various regions including Seoul since 1993 as President of Asan YMCA and Cheonan YMCA and the head of policy planning at YMCA Korea, as well as his dedication to community movements in its early stages, educational reform movements, resident recall movements, and energy movements. Inspired by the electoral revolution of former US President Obama during his stay in the US as a visiting researcher at Indiana State University in 2008, he started the democratization movement ‘Wings of People” with actor Moon Sunggeun in Korea. In 2013, while working at Chungnam Cultural Technology Industry Agency, which aims to promote the regional contents industry, as President, he began to feel a sense of calling for public sector innovation based on his successful experiences with sharing and integrating. Having assisted Seoul Mayor PARK, Won-soon as an external cooperation advisor, Jeon is currently actively working as the representative at Asan Innovation Forum.