KWEON, Ohyeon
Head of Parti (Head of “Democracy Seoul”)
Mr. Kweon is a peace coder who helps to build a pleasant and peaceful world via the Internet. In recognition of his contribution in developing services and technologies that highly value respect for people, he was selected as the winner of the Excellence Award in the special category by the 4th Human Technology Awards in 2018. Mr. Kweon joined Daum in 2006 as a developer and a planner, and created the Discussion Board, Agora, and Blogger News, which is a contents channel for bloggers. After leaving Daum, he established UFOfactory, and now heads what has merged with Slowalk, which aims to make changes in organizations and the society with the synergy between design and technology. Parti ( was founded in October 2015 to create a more democratic world. Parti in French means a political party. It was coined to facilitate Participation in a Parti as joyfully as one would in a Party. Parti has released various knowhow for nurturing a democratic life and culture through its Democracy Toolkits. Furthermore, it has established an online platform as an open source based on digital technology where ordinary people can voice their opinions and take action.