Ji yong KIM
co-president of Plus-minus 1℃
She is a co-president of Plus-minus 1℃. Going deep into a district called Mok 2-dong, Yangcheon-gu, she carries out various actions and trials by the medium of arts and culture to connect human beings and bring meaningful movements from the relationships. She dreams that artistic life becomes everyday life by finding out special values as she does not draw boundaries in arts but looks into its starting from tiny discoveries in her daily routine, and she sometimes put her life unfamiliarly by asking questions to the universal life styles. Plus-minus 1℃ designs activities to expand people’s living space in the cities. They run a space where culture can be created, failures are welcomed, and supports various gatherings. They try to create many projects starting from the secluded alleys so that people can shape the life styles which resemble themselves. Plus-minus 1℃ has been growing and changing by working with the community members, whom they have established ties through work and space. Under the idea of ‘Be together,’ they believe that the city will be formed once those various life styles which resemble themselves are piled up. Soon it creates inherent and sustainable culture ecosystem. That is how they are enjoying their lives leisurely.