Hyunchan Ahn
Junior researcher, Seoul Institute
Dr. Hyun Chan Anh studies on local community and citizen autonomy policy in The Seoul Institute, where is a thinktank of Seoul Metropolitan Government. He studied city planning and collaborative planning in the university, and he joined studies on local community since he started work together with Sungmisan Village and Urban-Solidarity(Dosiyeondae). He also has experienced in dealing with policies in the government, intermediary organization, and the practice of the Supporting Committee for Seoul Visiting Community Center. This experience is another asset for his study. He believes in potential of local community, but he doesn’t consider it as a “master key” for solving all social problems. He thinks that loose but reciprocal relationship between neighborhood can be formed based on sound individualism, and the those local community can solve part of social problems that we are facing now, that will be enough for innovation. Personally, he is practicing innovation in his personal life which is accompanying social innovation with 52-hour Work Week System by enjoying the local community not as a work but the life.