EunHo Chun
Director of Center for Civic Commons, Institute of Land and Liberty
He studied urban engineering and urban administration in the university. Currently, he is working as a head of the Commoning team in the Sharing for Future, Registered Charity. He had worked as the Director of Commoning Supporting Center in the Institute of Land and Liberty, and he had worked for Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements and Seoul Social Economy Center before. He dreams of a society where values are shared with the ones who created. Also he wish to live where our living space to be gifted for the future generation not a burden for them. He is seeking for solutions for urban problems and putting an effort to create sustainable and resilience community by applying those solutions to the field and policy making process based on the commons and social economic theory. Sharing for future is an non-profit organization which pursues housing rights and inclusive local community. The communing team in the organization rediscovers the value of the space and supports asset(real estate)-sharing and commoning projects to turn over the sustainable and liveable space for future generations.