Min, Dong-se
Head of Social Cooperative Dounuri
Mr. Min is a local activist in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, who has been participating in campaigns for 25 years. He assumed the position as the head of Neulpureun Care Center, a self-sufficiency center, after working as the head of the Seoul Gwangjin Regional Self-Sufficiency Center in 2008. In 2013, Neulpureun Care Center was re-launched as Social Cooperative Dounuri and Mr. Min was elected to be the Chief Director. Dounuri is a labor-focused cooperative, and a social-cooperative that provides social services that are necessary from birth to death. As of August 2018, 596 employees provide social services to 725 people. Dounuri believes that there is a role for a socio-economic organization to play in the delivery system of social welfare projects or social services. In particular, it believes that the system of operating institutions that provide labor-intensive social services with a social cooperative has a high social significance. Currently, Dounuri directly operates Neulpureun Care Center (retirement services for elders and people with disabilities), Gwangjin Development Center for Children (services for children), and Seoul Agamazi (services for mothers and infants). It has also been entrusted with the operation of Seoul Jungnang Senior Care Center (institutional care services for senior citizens), Seoul Jungnang Daycare Center (services for senior citizens), and Gwangjin Neungdong Ggummaji Kindergarten (services for preschool children). Mr. Min is proud of his achievements as a field architect of the community. He received his Ph.D in labor policy from Korea University of Technology and Education. In June 2017, he was awarded the Industrial Service Medal in recognition of his contribution in promoting social enterprises.