HONG, Gibin
Hong graduated from Seoul National University with a degree in economics. Hong received his master's degree in diplomatic science from Seoul National University and his PhD in diplomatic science from the Graduate School of York University. After working as a researcher at the Financial Economy Institute, he is currently the chairman of research at Karl Polanyi Institute Asia and the Director of the Global Political Economy Institute. He ran a podcast titled 'Great Transition told by Hong Gi-bin' and writes columns in various online and offline channels. His books include 『For Housekeeping Economics』, 『Wigfross, Welfare Nation and Potential Utopia』, and 『Dancing Possessions』 . He also translated 『I spend, therefore I am: the true cost of economics』 『Economic Anthropology』 『The Nature of Money』 『The Great Transformation』 『Karl Marx 』 (Translation Award from 59th Korea Book Awards).