CHUN, Eunho
After majoring urban administration in the department of Urban Planning and Engineering, Chun worked at the Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements, Seoul Social Economy Support Center, Community Assetization Support Center at the Institute of Land and Liberty, and the community assetization team at Sharing for the Future. He is now working as the head of the Urban Regeneration Center in Mokpo. He dreams of sharing the value of space with other and passing down a living space to the next generation as a gift and not a burden. Based on the principle of commons and social economy, Chun is making efforts to create a sustainable and resilient community by seeking resolutions to urban problems as well as field application and policy suggestions. Sharing for the Future is a non-profit organization, aiming to create a happy community without a concern for houses. The community assetization team in particular supports the real estate sharing project that restores the value of space and passes down a sustainable living space to the next generation.