PARK, Baegyoon
Park is currently a professor of Earth Science Education at Seoul National University and the Chairman of the Center for Asian Urban Societies. He is also a chief editor for an international journal – Territory, Politics, Governance, and an editor for various journals in Korea and abroad including Political Geography, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, and Space & Environment. Having majored in political geography and economic geography, Park’s research is focused on regional development and politics, spatiality of a nation, development-led urbanization in East Asia, contiguous geometry and geopolitics. His major publications include “Locating Neoliberalism in East Asia (2012, Routledge)”, “Developmentalist Cities? (2019, Brill)”, “Nation and Region (2013)”, “Birth of Industrial Landscape (2013)”, “Dangerous Co-living (2014)”, “Creating Gangnam, Replicating Gangnam (2017)”, “Special Zone (2017)”, and “New Geopolitics on the Korean Peninsula (2019)”.