Renovation of Innovation: Focusing on Public Sector and Administration

Over the past 6 years of city administration under Mayor Park Won-soon, Seoul Metropolitan Government led the efforts to implement the social innovation–oriented policy to reinvent Seoul and to bring itself closer to citizens based on the public-private cooperation.

Through the Sharing Economy, resident-led town communities, communication-based and open administration, and collaborative administration, Seoul city is leading changes to support and create the waves of innovation, and has built exclusively responsible bodies under direct supervision of Mayor such as Seoul Innovation Planning Office and Collaboration Advisor to implement innovation policies within the frame of administration.

Upon the 7th local government of Seoul elected by popular vote, we now need a new paradigm to enhance the efficiency of the innovation policy and to enable qualitative change. For this, the need has grown to shed new light on the roles of the public sector as the main body to support and pursue social innovation; to contemplate on how Seoul city’s administrative system has changed in the process of deepening the city-wide innovation based on collaboration and partnerships and examine the outcomes; and to explore directions and concrete measures for its ways forward.

The forum will be an opportunity for innovation experts from home and abroad to gather together, share the related experiences and seek possible ways for new directions.

Global Advisory Group
Geoff Mulgan
Ada Wong
Sunit Shrestha
Anil Kumar Gupta
Louise Pulford
Peter Ramsten
Keynote speech and Talks : How Activist Mayor practices politics
Geoff Mulgan
Steve Reed
Siim Sikkut
Park Won-soon
Session 1 : Renovation of Administration
Yoo Chang-bok
Steve Reed
Ada Wong
Bonno Pel
Kim Soyoung
Jeon Sunghwan
Session 2 : Renovation of the Platform
Lee Jin-soon
Borja Prieto
Shu Yang Lin
Mingfen Chuang
레이어 3
Kwon Oh-hyun
Session 3 : Renovation of Life
Jeon Min-joo
Yang Bong-Seok
Hifonobu Murata
Min Dong-se
Special Session: Renovation of Space
An hyunchan
Kim jiyoung
Nicola Bacon
Lucia Caistor Arendar
David Mmoynihan
Jane Dodson
Debbie Lamb
Chun eunho
Yu dahee
10:00 ~ 12:30
Special Session: Renovation of Space
David Moynihan, Head of Services at Locality, UK
Nicola Bacon, Founding Director of Social Life, UK
Jeon Eun-ho, Head of Citizens Assetization Team at Nanum & Mirae (Sharing & Future), Korea

As we are currently living in a time where the crisis of democracy is a worldwide phenomenon, it’s necessary for us to imagine and suggest diverse ways of democracy. We will hear about how the sustainable design discussed in social innovation can make democratic conversations possible, and how we can take a step forward to participatory democracy.

150' Seoul Innovation Park
13:30 ~ 15:00
60' Seoul Innovation Park
13:30 ~ 15:00
Discussion and General Meeting of Global Advisory Group
(Open to invitees only)
90' Seoul Innovation Park
15:00 ~ 16:40
Keynote speech and Talks : How Activist Mayor practices politics
Geoff Mulgan, Chief Executive of NESTA, UK
Park Won-soon, Mayor of Seoul, Korea
Steve Reed, MP, UK
Siim Sikkut, Electronic of Government CIO, Estonia

100' Seoul Innovation Park
16:40 ~ 18:40
Session 1 : Renovation of Administration
Yoo Chang-bok, Professor of Sungkonghoe Univ., Korea
Steve Reed, Labour & Co-operative Member of Parliament representing Croydon North, UK
Ada Wong, Founder, HKICC & Make A Difference, Hong Kong
Bonno Pel, Researcher, Centre d’Etudes du Développement Durable ), Netherlands
Kim So-yeong, Head of Seongdaegol Energy Conversion Village, Korea
Cha Sung-soo, The Korean Teachers’ Credit Union(Former Head of Seong-Dong District) -Jeon Sunghwan, former Head of Chungnam Culture Technology Industry Agency, Korea

120' Seoul Innovation Park
13:00 ~ 14:00
60' Seoul Innovation Park
14:00 ~ 16:00
Session 2 : Renovation of the Platform
Lee Jin-soon, Wagl, Korea
Borja Prieto, Madrid City Council, Spain
Shu Yang Lin, Public Digital Innovation Space, Taiwan
Kweon Ohyeon, Parti, Korea
120' Seoul Innovation Park
16:00 ~ 16:20
Break Time

16:20 ~ 18:30
Session 3 : Renovation of Life
Jeon Min-joo, Village Community Support Center, Seoul
Metropolitan Government, Korea
Wellness Open Living Lab, Japan(미정)
Min Dong-se, Social Cooperative Dounuri, Korea

130' Multi Purpose Hall, Seoul City Hall
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Host – Seoul Metropolitan City


Located in the center of the Korean Peninsula, Seoul has served as the country’s capital for 600 years. At present, Seoul takes on itself the role of the hub of Northeast Asia. South Korea is renowned for its rapid innovation and economic development over the past 30 years, yet government innovation is a nascent field, seen as counter-cultural and radical. Despite these challenges, Seoul Mayor WonSoon Park is progressing with plans to turn Seoul into an social economy city and innovation-led Sharing City, engaging citizens in the radical redesign of public services.

Organizer – FOREXCOM Inc.


In the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution that can be represented by the keywords, communication and integration, the role of the MICE industry encompassing Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibitions & Events is increasing. FOREXCOM has successfully organized diverse occasions including official government events, large-scale international meetings, expositions and festivals, and also possesses abundant knowledge in events that are becoming noticeably popular such as investment promotion, technology commercialization, technology transfer and matching, and job fairs. Based on its professional service ethos and the principle of flawless performance, FOREXCOM will embark on a new chapter in the MICE industry while doing its utmost to successfully organize the upcoming Future Innovation Forum as the conference organizing agency.

Consultation – Cdot


C. (Cdot) aims to facilitate the development and spread of social innovation by making a connection between people from different regions and countries. The organization designs and organizes an international conference & seminar, provides consulting or coordination for building a global network and train the youth & social activists. It also links social entrepreneurs, investors and support organizations to activate social business and their communication in Asia and also other countries, and plans to construct a platform which enables them to create values and opportunities for social innovation.


Past Events
Information for the themes and speakers at the past events

“After the Storm: The Next Step for Everyday Democracy”
Future Innovation Forum 2017

2017 Future Innovation Forum has been aligned with the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Social Innovation Global Advisory Committee meeting during the last 3 years. This year we will also hold a public conference and a Social Innovation Global Advisory Committee meeting for 2 days in Seoul, Korea.


Date: October 23rd(Mon) – 24th(Tue), 2017

Venue: Seoul City Hall and Various Spots in Seoul

Host Seoul Metropolitan Government

Organize C. & HI Ent Corp.




Day 1: October 23 (Mon)


HyoKwan Jeon, Seoul Innovation Bureau, Seoul

Metropolitan Government, Korea

Ezio Manzini, Honorary Professor of Milan Polytechnic &

Founder of DESIS, Italy



[Session 1] Commons X Democracy

SangChul Kim, Citizens Act for Kyeongeui Line Common

Land 26th Autonomous District, Korea

Tony Armstrong, Locality, UK

EunHo Jeon, Institute of Land and Liberty, Korea



[Session 2] Workplace X Democracy

Silvia Zuur, Enspiral, New Zealand

HyunJu Bae, Happy Bridge Cooperative, Korea

JungKwon Ahn, Slowalk, Korea

Seoul Youth’s Story Making a Better World Presenter

2 Teams of Better World School

[Stories of Democracy by Ordinary, but Extraordinary Citizens]

Hana Jang, Moms in Politics, Korea

JinAh Hong, Would You Party, Korea

SungHwa ChoLee, Demos, Korea

TaeJung Kim, ByungKwan Na, Dabin Ahn, JungYeon Heo,

GeumHo High School, Korea

[Keynote Speech] Social Innovation, Finding the Solution for Democracy

Birgitta Jónsdóttir, Iceland Pirate Party, Iceland Geoff Mulgan, Nesta, UK

[Closing] Calmly Taking a Step forward

Ada Wong, HKICC, Hong Kong

SeungSoo Ha, My Vote, Korea




Day 2: October 24 (Tue)


[Session 3] Feminism, LGBT X Democracy

Sunit Shrestha, Change Fusion, Thailand

Jennifer Lu, Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association, Taiwan

YoungJung Na, Women with Disabilities Empathy, Korea

JinOck Lee, Korea Women’s Political Solidarity, Korea



[Session 4] Technology, Open Source X Democracy

Sunit Shrestha, Change Fusion, Thailand

Anil Kumar Gupta, Honeybee Network, India

OhHyun Kwon, Parti, Korea

Chia-liang Kao, g0v, Taiwan

Yago Bermejo Abati, Medialab-Prado, Spain

Gabriella Gomez-Mont, Lab for the City, Mexico



[Special Session] Asia Social Innovation Research

Ken Ito, SROI Japan, Japan

Jonathan Chang, Lien Center for Social Innovation, Singapore

Haidy Leung, ChangeVentures, Thailand

AhYoung Park, C., Korea

Seoul City Social Innovation Global Advisory Committee Meeting

(Only for committee members and the invited)